Mission Statement

Working While Playing is a non-profit organization that seeks to sustain a vibrant  and civically aware arts community on a local and global level. We know that poverty, and institutional racism can repress self worth and inhibit what people, especially minorities see as possible. This is a Human issue that we are committed to healing. We improve the self-worth of our communities through an intentionally inclusive community committed to civic responsibility with positive mind-sets, and artistic mentorship.

Working While Playing contributes to the community's greater social needs. We provide services that benefit artists by providing resources such as performance space, workshops, studio time, and a variety of other services to promote sustainability. In exchange our artists engage in service to enrich our local communities. Our mission serves a dual purpose, as we develop the artist with resources that they need to keep art sustainable. We also maintain the integrity of the artists by connecting them with community partners that seek their gifts and talents.



Working While Playing envisions a world in which artists are responsible for inspiring people through their art and servant leadership..  Working While Playing stands for a world with no “starving artists” — one in which a new arts industry is reborn out of love for community and self-expression.​