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It’s no secrets that nonprofits need support from the people to keep their mission alive. Nonprofits operate from the idea that when people need help, the community comes together with a solution.

Working While Playing is a charity that seeks to support artists by providing them with the community and resources they need at an incredibly affordable rate. The WWP founders realized that only the wealthy were able to make albums, make music videos, utilize quality photography and dance studios. We knew this was a problem, and we fought to find a solution by creating an affordable space for artists, one that built in community through service.

Effectively, our organization is completely volunteer run. All of our members also put in a two hour community service comittment  each month to enrich our community through the arts. How does WWP provide recording services as low as $7 an hour? How do we provide rehearsal, photography, dance  space for as low as $5 an hour? Our members pay-in a small monthly fee for the services, but a large percentage of our funding is through small donations from people like you.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist. By giving a small donation a month you ensure that the services we provice artists creates a world where there are no starving artists, a world where artists help the community and the community helps the artists. Here’s how it works:

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Community Support Patron Packages

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Join the movement: Purpose driven art and art driven purpose! Help us help!